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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your business located?

Iran Oriental Rug Company is located at 1925 Walton Way at Baker Avenue.  We are located directly across the street from Ming Wah Chinese restaurant.  We were previously located on Washington Road across from Dillardís and our cleaning plant was on Emmett Street.  We have now consolidated to our new Walton Way location.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM Eastern Time. Most Saturdays we are open from 9AM until 12 Noon.  We are available before or after hours to accommodate unusual situations.

How often should I have my Oriental rugs cleaned?

Even though your Oriental rugs may not look like they need cleaning, it is advisable to have them cleaned every three years. All Oriental rugs need moisture to revitalize the wool and keep the rug very pliable.

Does Iran Oriental Rug Company dry clean rugs?

Yes, we can hand dry clean any type of rug.  Dry cleaning is recommended for many rugs to prevent color running.

Do you handle my antique Oriental rug any differently than other rugs?

Each individual antique rug is evaluated to insure the appropriate cleaning method is used.  This procedure assures our customers that their antique Oriental rug is in knowledgeable and trusted hands.

We love our pets but, they tend to have accidents on our Oriental rugs. Can you successfully remove pet odors and stains from our rugs?

Letís talk about odor first. Odor can be controlled if your rug is not overly contaminated.  This type of cleaning and deodorizing goes through many stages to achieve the greatest results. The first step is to spray a live enzyme solution that will attack and break down the odor-causing bacteria in your rug.  The next step is to soak, rinse and re-rinse your rug until all traces of contamination are eliminated.  All or most odor is unnoticeable after the rug is thoroughly dried and groomed.  Successful stain removal is possible with this type of cleaning method as well.  Some stains cannot be removed in extreme circumstances.

How are my Oriental rugs dried after they have been cleaned?

Iran Oriental Rug Company has the only dry room in Augusta.  Our 30-foot high dry room facility is large enough to hang and dry over 100 rugs at a time.  Your rugs are dried in this controlled atmosphere - a gently heated room with circulating fans, dehumidifiers, a thermostatically controlled heat and fresh air system.  This insures that your rug will be safely and thoroughly dried within hours and not days. Upon request, we can air-dry your rugs in our outdoor facility located on the premises.

Do you come to my house and clean my Oriental rugs on our floor?

No Oriental rug or area rug can thoroughly be cleaned in your home.

Your rugs can retain too much water that will result in color running, mold and mildew, odor, and discoloration. (Not to mention water damage to your hard wood floor)

Does Iran Oriental Rug Company have pickup and delivery service?

Absolutely!  We are customer oriented and understand the need to have your Oriental rugs professionally picked up and re-delivered.  Please contact us to arrange pickup and delivery.

How can I prevent moth damage to my Oriental rug?

Did you know that most customers are unaware of moth damage until it is too late?  Moth proofing is absolutely necessary and is a process that can be completed while your rug is in for cleaning.  Even though you may have never seen a moth in your home, moths gravitate toward darkness under heavy furniture, sofas and chairs.

I know you repair Oriental rugs but, can you repair other types of area rugs?

We repair any type of area rug including braided and hooked rugs.  

Do Oriental rugs need padding?

All antique Oriental rugs absolutely need the proper padding to ensure longevity. The wrong type of padding will wear out your antique rugs prematurely.  All other Oriental rugs need the correct padding as well.  We can custom cut padding for your Oriental rug while your rug is at Iran Oriental Rug Company being cleaned or repaired.  We stock the best quality padding available.

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